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At the moment I'm working for a International electronics company as a Social Media Agent. I have been working here since November 2016, and have doing so with a lot of joy! We work with a close team, colleagues that I now call my friends. I have learned a lot in the field of electronics and technology as well as customer service through Social Media. How to find the right words for different kinds of customers and problems? How to change the mood of an angry customer into a satified customer? How to be creative to give the customer an extraordinary customer service experience? It's never fun to start your day with an angry customer, but it's the greatest feeling at the end of your day knowing that you've changed that angry customer to a happy customer!

I graduated from The Hague University in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Marketing & Commerce, specialized in international marketing. My dream job is to work in the marketing department of a huge well-known international company. Advertisement, branding, marketing communication and market research are what I'm most passionate about. I am currently looking for a new challenge in this industry, where I can keep learning and developing my marketing skills. Other fields that interest me as well are: travel, planning, data analizing, communication, content creation and Social Media.

My most memorable experience was going to Singapore for half a year for my graduation internship. It was a life changing experience. I have learned so much in that half year. Not only did I gain work experience, I gained life experience. Singapore has changed me as a person: to be less afraid, to be on my own, to see the world differently, to be adventurious, to open my eyes and dream big.

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